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Project Comet Part 2

The Comet has been coming along nicely and we can't wait to see it come to fruition. As you can see from the featured photo a lot of progress is being made. A lot of the bits of daylight peaking through have been mended, but there is still some bits that need TLC. The car itself is almost complete; at least for this phase of its restoration journey. We aren't sure of all of the future plans like the power plant -- which you'll see the original inline 6 poking through in one of the photos below. We do know that it will probably be one of the coolest cars in his high school parking lot.

1965 Mercury Comet Project Car

This second generation Mercury Comet came to us from one of our favorite customers, and it for one of our favorite reasons. The end goal for this car is to be the project car our customer builds with his son. It came to us with quite a bit of rust and rot and still has quite a bit that needs to be addressed. We wanted to take our readers through the restoration process with us and give you progress updates on the car; hopefully even after it has left the shop. We have already got a good amount of repair and restoration done, but there is a lot left to do.

Another Level 2014

Underground Autosports | News | Another Level 2014 - 1st Place

Though the show may be over and the cars are all nicely tucked back away in their cozy spaces, Another Level 2014 was one hell of an event. The show has come a long way in the years since its inception and we are glad it seems to have knocked out most, if not all of the kinks. This year, like last, the show was put on at Boomer's Stadium in Schaumburg Illinois. Last year was fun, and interesting as it was actually inside the stadium, but along with that came a lot of headaches. This year the show was in the auxiliary parking lot and it couldn't have gone smoother.