Dyno Tuning

Underground Autosports offers a multitude of tuning solutions on a variety of vehicles and platforms. Just to name a few of the tuning solutions we are familiar with: AEM, Hondata, SCT, Apexi, HP Tuners, and many more. We not only have an in-house DynoCom Dyno we also have a calibrator in-house so we are fully capable of providing you with a turnkey solution to achieving more power. We are here with you from start to finish; you will come in and we can help consult you on parts for your build if you haven't already figured out what components you would like to use. We then have our experienced staff go to work on installation/fabrication, and once complete it is given to our in-house tuner for proper calibration. No worries about driving around on basemap to your tuner's shop, or any of the other headaches involved with performance modification.

Here are some of the rates on tuning services we offer:

  • AEM EMS (Ver1 or Ver2) Single Map
  • AEM EMS (Ver1 or Ver2) Dual Map
  • Hondata (S100/S200/S300) Naturally Aspirated
  • Hondata (S100/S200/S300) Forced Induction up to 10psi
  • Hondata (S100/S200/S300) Forced Induction up to 20psi
  • SCT Flash
  • Apexi AFC Piggy Back
  • HP Tuners ($100 licensing cost + standard rate)

Underground Autosports - Dyno Tuning


Dyno Rental

Looking to see what kind of power your vehicle puts down? Beyond the tuning services we offer, we also rent out the dyno for baseline pulls at at an hourly rate depending on what you require. We offer 3 Dyno Pulls, 3 Dyno Pulls with a Quarter Mile Time, and we also offer the dyno at an hourly rate in case you want to do a remote tuning session. We can assist in supplying the dyno run files to your tuner in order to facilitate calibration. Please let us know when scheduling what you are looking for so we can assist accordingly. Our facility features a 2WD DynoCom Chassis Dynamometer (15K Series).

Here is a listing of the rates of some of the dyno rental services we offer:

Underground Autosports - Dyno Rental - DynoCom
  • 3 Baseline Pulls (*most vehicles)
  • 3 Baseline Pulls with Quarter Mile Time (*most vehicles)
  • Hourly Rental Rate


Underground Autosports - Dyno Tuning