Restomod Builds

What's better than a fully restored classic car? A fully restored classic car with all the modern components of a car from today. Underground Autosports is proud to offer RestoMod Builds as one of our many services. We all have that classic car that we could stare at for hours on end, but the headaches and shortcoming of the technology of the time has opened up a need for modification. We at Underground do our best to maintain the originality and authenticity while upgrading components such as disc brakes, power steering, modern suspension, and even up to swapping the powerplant. There is nothing prettier than a numbers matching original, but if you can't find one or your budget can't support one, a RestoMod build is your best bet. We offer services like front-stubbing, x and cross chassis bracing, along with a multitude of other options and upgrade services.

Underground Autosports - Restomod Builds