Strip/Track Preparation

Underground Autosports - Street / Track Preparation

Go-Karts, Autocross, HPDE, Time Trial, Drag Racing, Rally it doesn't matter what form it comes in --- Racing is what we are most passionate about. We know the feeling when you get to bring home that long coveted trophy; even if it comes in the form of a t-shirt from your local club. Underground Autosports wants you to win as badly as you do, and we want to do all we can to help make that possible. We offer services such as Pre and Post Race Inspections to ensure your vehicle is up to spec and give you the peace of mind to be able to focus on the track. There is no worse feeling then a mechanical DNF or not passing tech inspection.

If you're just getting into competitive motorsports, and you need some help getting your vehicle setup properly Underground Autosports is ready to help and share our experience and real world knowledge. No matter the level you are at we want to get you on the podium. From start to finish we will help consult what parts you will benefit most from even it that is just a good set of tires and a brake pad upgrade. We are also capable of complete preparation for things such as NASA Time Trial, SCCA Pro Solo, NHRA Drag Cars, etc.

Feel like your car is down on power? We have an in-house calibrator and dyno along with a team of experienced technicians, fabricators, and engineers to help make sure your vehicle is performing as it should be.

Here is a list of some of the preparation services we offer:

  • Custom Paint and Body Work
  • Pre / Post Race Inspections
  • Build Consultation
  • Aerodynamic Testing in partnership with Lockheed Martin